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A Legitimate Difference

Cargazing By Derek Price There’s something to be said for contrast, and the Toyota 4Runner definitely provides that on the showroom floor. Parked next to Toyota’s more refined and freshly designed Highlander, the 4Runner offers a dramatic lesson on the

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Corolla Hatch is Back

Cargazing By Derek Price Toyota hasn’t offered a hatchback version of the Corolla since the 1990s, but that’s changing this year. With the oh-so-creative name of Corolla Hatchback, this new 2019 model is smaller, sportier, different and much more interesting

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Updated Looks, Equipment

Cargazing By Derek Price As America’s pickup truck wars reach a white-hot intensity this year, Toyota is making several changes to its aging but still impressive Tundra. This full-size truck built in San Antonio, Texas, has long charted an independent

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