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Venza Comes Back

Cargazing By Derek Price Toyota is recycling an abandoned name for its all-new crossover, the 2021 Venza. Studious automotive geeks will remember the original Venza as a taller, fatter, slower, thirstier, less attractive version of the Camry with a rear

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Avalon Gets TRD Treatment

Cargazing By Derek Price When I first saw the car Toyota planned to send me to test drive, I had to double check my calendar. Was it April 1? Was this a prank? Turns out it was not April Fools

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Hybrid Makes a Leap

Cargazing By Derek Price Automotive improvements are usually incremental. Small tweaks over many years can add up, but it’s typically a gradual, glacial process. With the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, though, there’s a giant leap this year. After a total overhaul,

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