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Updated Looks, Equipment

Cargazing By Derek Price As America’s pickup truck wars reach a white-hot intensity this year, Toyota is making several changes to its aging but still impressive Tundra. This full-size truck built in San Antonio, Texas, has long charted an independent

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Corolla Focuses on Value

Cargazing By Derek Price Toyota says the Corolla is one of the most popular cars on Planet Earth, selling around 1.5 million copies in more than 150 countries each year. That begs a question. Why? From a driver’s standpoint, it’s

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Sales Champ Overhauled

Cargazing By Derek Price When Toyota started its top-to-bottom redesign of America’s most popular car, the Camry, the goal could be summed up with one word: emotion. That’s a dramatic change for a vehicle long known for being automotive vanilla.

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