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Sales Champ Overhauled

Cargazing By Derek Price When Toyota started its top-to-bottom redesign of America’s most popular car, the Camry, the goal could be summed up with one word: emotion. That’s a dramatic change for a vehicle long known for being automotive vanilla.

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More Power, Economy

Cargazing By Derek Price Toyota has a knack for engineering magic tricks. It’s latest hocus-pocus? The 2017 Highlander simultaneously squeezes better performance and fuel economy out of its six-cylinder engine. A revamped V6 makes more power than before — 295

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Car of the Century by Sales

Cargazing By Derek Price Forty-three million. Think about that. It’s the number of Corollas Toyota has sold since it began production in late 1966, making this the best-selling automotive nameplate in the history of the world. That’s selling an average

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