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Challenger Roars Into 2020

Cargazing By Derek Price Dodge is serious about building cars for home-brew drag racers. For proof, look at the Challenger lineup. Not only is this two-door, retro-styled muscle car available in pricey, high-horsepower versions designed to go fast straight from

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Four-Door Muscle

Cargazing By Derek Price Last week I wrote about the Nissan LEAF, an electric car that doesn’t burn a drop of gasoline. If you believe in balance, you’ll love how this week’s review is the yin to the LEAF’s yang.

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Complete Overkill

Cargazing By Derek Price I can’t imagine any other nation where this conversation would take place: “You know what we should do to that 707-horsepower car? Give it 90 more.” That’s apparently what someone at Dodge said when imagining the

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