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Highway Indulgence

Cargazing By Derek Price When you test drive a different car every week, they don’t always fit your life. You might get a Miata when you need to haul furniture, or maybe a dually pickup when you’re spending most of

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QX80 Gets New Look

Cargazing By Derek Price Infiniti’s gigantic, smooth-riding SUV, the QX80, gets a new look that makes it slightly less polarizing this year. Long defined by its love-it-or-hate-it snub nose, Infiniti is hoping refreshed styling will move the QX80 into the

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Beauty and Power

Cargazing By Derek Price If sports coupes rarely sell in big numbers, why do car companies build them? More than anything else, it’s to make a statement. And Infiniti is practically shouting bout innovation and style with its sexy, two-door

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