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Italian Practicality Cranked Up

Cargazing By Derek Price Knowing a shiny car appears in my driveway with drug-dealer frequency, friends often ask what I’m driving this week. I say, “a big, dumb crossover” all too often. I know why most people love crossover vehicles.

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Practical Panache

Cargazing By Derek Price Italian cars have plenty of famous attributes — sexy styling, rip-roaring exhausts and fun driving dynamics among them — but practicality isn’t on the list. The Alfa Romeo Stelvio tries to change that. It has enough

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Practical Italian Mystique

Cargazing By Derek Price I’ve long joked that if Alfa Romeo made a minivan, that’s what I’d drive. Now Alfa is offering the next best thing: a four-door SUV that’s a good fit for families while still delivering Italian mystique.

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