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Encore Gets Upgrade

Cargazing By Derek Price Buick uses self-deprecating humor to poke fun at its transformation in TV ads. “That’s a Buick?” In the case of the Encore, the trope works perfectly. Few vehicles show how much Buick has changed itself for

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LaCrosse Feels Younger

Cargazing By Derek Price The Buick LaCrosse has an all-new design for 2017 with lots of nice features and one big mystery. Maybe you can solve the riddle: Why does a Buick need 20-inch wheels? The obvious answer is because

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Mixing classic with trendy

[fve][/fve] By Derek Price Automotive Writer Buick has come a long way from its days of making “grandma cars,” as my wife calls them. If you don’t believe it, take a look at the new LaCrosse. This full-size sedan is

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