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Lexus Makes IS Sharper

Cargazing By Derek Price Driving enthusiasts appear on the verge of extinction. Buyers who prefer practicality and roominess are snapping up bulbous crossover vehicles as fast as car companies can make them. But people who actually enjoy driving for the

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A Mountain of an SUV

Cargazing By Derek Price It’s been more than a decade since the current generation Lexus LX debuted, and you can sense it. That’s a downside in some ways, including its lack of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It also has

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Spunky, Packed With Value

Cargazing By Derek Price One strange side effect of this year’s pandemic is its impact on used-car prices. If you haven’t looked lately, they’re through the roof. That makes new cars like this — the small Hyundai Kona crossover that

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