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Competent in Every Way

Cargazing By Derek Price With so many competent mid-size crossovers for sale today, it’s easy to overlook this one, the Hyundai Santa Fe. Ignoring it would be a mistake. This isn’t a flashy, in-your-face vehicle that demands attention. You’re not

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In LX, Less is More

Cargazing By Derek Price For an over-the-top vehicle whose sole purpose seems to be offering “more,” the most noteworthy recent change for the Lexus LX is intriguing. It’s offering less, specifically in the number of seats inside. Lexus is now

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Such Sweet Sorrow

Cargazing By Derek Price Although I was born in 1980, a full 42 years after the first Volkswagen rolled off the assembly line in Nazi Germany, I can’t help but feel a twinge of nostalgia as I write this. It’s

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