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New Luxury Contender

Cargazing By Derek Price Genesis, the upstart Korean luxury brand, launched with three cars designed to show the world it means serious business. The G70, G80 and G90 put European and Japanese competitors on notice that Hyundai’s luxury ambitions were

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Ranger Adds Tremor

Cargazing By Derek Price Ford continues to make its Tremor off-road package more widely available, including on the mid-size Ranger this year. The Tremor package transforms the Ranger into an off-road beast, and it’s meant for people who otherwise might

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Rapid Exclusivity

Cargazing By Derek Price As a psychological barrier, $100,000 seems like a dividing line between normal cars and ridiculous cars. Yes, the value of $100,000 goes down every year and might only buy a small pile of plywood in 2021,

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