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K900 Makes Sporty Shift

Cargazing By Derek Price The original K900 was designed to do one thing: prove Kia can build a luxury car. Now completely redesigned for the first time ever and released as a 2019 model, the second-generation K900 is moving its

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Sorento Joins Features Race

Cargazing By Derek Price These days, there’s a new kind of racing in the automotive world. It’s happening on the features list for every vehicle on dealers’ lots. Across all types of vehicles, but perhaps most noticeably in SUVs and

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New Rio Makes Debut

Cargazing By Derek Price High-priced dream cars may get all the attention, but it’s cars like this — the affordably priced Kia Rio — that matter to a lot more Americans. Heck, with a starting price under $14,000, a brand-new

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