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The 8 Series is Back

Cargazing By Derek Price The year was 1989. New Kids on the Block were starting their “Hangin’ Tough” tour, Indiana Jones was crusading at the box office, and the 8 Series coupe proudly topped the BMW lineup. The 850i, which

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Ram HD Still Remarkable

Cargazing By Derek Price As it nears the end of its lifespan, the current generation heavy-duty Ram pickup remains remarkable for a long list of reasons. For me, its comfortable, quiet ride is at the top of that list. People

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A Back-To-Basics SUV

Cargazing By Derek Price The Toyota Sequoia is designed for people who need real SUV capability, not just the look. While America’s highways appear more like Jeep fan conferences every year as boxy, tough-looking crossover vehicles replace four-door sedans, in

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