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Escalade Gets an Upgrade

Cargazing By Derek Price In the world of full-size luxury SUVs, where it’s assumed that bigger is better, this year’s upgrade to the Cadillac Escalade makes perfect sense. Cadillac has stuffed a whopping 10 forward gears into the Escalade’s automatic

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A Self-Driving Sensation

Cargazing By Derek Price In the rarefied air of full-size luxury cars, where prices start around $60,000 and buyers’ expectations are just as lofty, it’s tough to find a one-of-a-kind, breakout feature. Cadillac has done it this year, though, by

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A Crossover On A Diet

Cargazing By Derek Price When I think of Cadillac, there’s one concept that never comes to mind: light weight. Yet that’s exactly what the classic American luxury brand is focusing on as it designs vehicles for a new generation of

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