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Hyundai Rethinks Sedan

Cargazing By Derek Price How many times have you seen this happen? The traffic light turns green, but a clueless driver is too busy staring at their phone to realize it. A lot of frustration — along with honks and

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Logic Plus Emotion

Cargazing By Derek Price For people who need a new compact crossover for logical reasons but still want some emotional appeal, the Hyundai Kona checks the right boxes. As an all-new vehicle introduced last year, the Kona satisfies all the

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Competent in Every Way

Cargazing By Derek Price With so many competent mid-size crossovers for sale today, it’s easy to overlook this one, the Hyundai Santa Fe. Ignoring it would be a mistake. This isn’t a flashy, in-your-face vehicle that demands attention. You’re not

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