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Value Over History

Cargazing By Derek Price A few weeks ago I reviewed the Genesis G90, the flagship car for Hyundai’s brand-new luxury marque. This week I’m driving its little sister, the G80, a car that will introduce the Genesis brand to a

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G90 Offers Luxury ‘Experience’

Cargazing By Derek Price Launching an automotive brand isn’t easy. History is littered with the carcasses of companies that tried and failed: Tucker, DeLorean, De Tomaso, and an almost endless list of once-proud brands that couldn’t survive in the modern

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All-new Elantra moves upmarket

Cargazing By Derek Price One of the toughest things about evaluating cars is resetting your expectations after each one. For example, driving a new, $62,000 Lexus luxury SUV for a week and then hopping into a car that costs less

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