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‘Eclipse’ Name Is Back

Cargazing By Derek Price Mitsubishi is selling a new crossover vehicle this year, and it’s whipped up a name that’s either brilliant or sacrilegious: Eclipse Cross. Named after one of the most beloved and best-selling Mitsubishi cars of all time

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Electric Outlander Deserves Attention

Cargazing By Derek Price One of the best electric vehicles I’ve driven recently comes from a surprising brand: Mitsubishi. While it hasn’t generated as much buzz as the Tesla Model 3 or Chevrolet Bolt, I think this under-the-radar Mitsubishi plug-in

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Refreshed Cabin, More Features

Cargazing By Derek Price When you’re shopping for a family-friendly crossover, there’s no sense asking yourself whether it’s a nice vehicle or not. There just aren’t any bad ones in this segment right now. The question you need to ask

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