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MDX Bets On Sportiness

Cargazing By Derek Price Acura is betting big that people who buy practical, roomy crossover vehicles don’t want to give up sporty handling. The bet makes sense, considering just how successful BMW has been selling sports sedans to people who

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RDX Brings Back Fun

Cargazing By Derek Price When Acura’s product planners sat down with a blank sheet of paper to re-cast the RDX for a third generation, they had a critical choice to make. Should they make it sporty and exhilarating, like the

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Acura Improves TLX

Cargazing By Derek Price Driving through the bucolic hills of southern Indiana, the improvements to Acura’s TLX for 2018 are subtle but immediately noticeable: sharper looks, faster digital tools and a classier feeling interior. The most significant change may not

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