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The Entry-Level Lexus

Cargazing By Derek Price Lexus is facing a common hurdle for upscale brands: trying to get younger buyers into the fold. Demographics for luxury-car buyers lean toward the older side for common-sense reasons. People in a position to buy pricey,

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Sleek and Efficient

Cargazing By Derek Price The new-generation Lexus ES makes the case that “all new” doesn’t have to mean “very different.” The 2019 version of Lexus’ pantry-staple executive sedan offers one surprise — its sleeker, bolder, and mildly polarizing design —

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Embracing Japanese Design

Cargazing By Derek Price To understand the new LS — Lexus’ range-topping sedan that intends to make a bold statement for the entire brand — you only have to look in one spot: the doors. That’s an odd place to

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