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In LX, Less is More

Cargazing By Derek Price For an over-the-top vehicle whose sole purpose seems to be offering “more,” the most noteworthy recent change for the Lexus LX is intriguing. It’s offering less, specifically in the number of seats inside. Lexus is now

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The Entry-Level Lexus

Cargazing By Derek Price Lexus is facing a common hurdle for upscale brands: trying to get younger buyers into the fold. Demographics for luxury-car buyers lean toward the older side for common-sense reasons. People in a position to buy pricey,

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Sleek and Efficient

Cargazing By Derek Price The new-generation Lexus ES makes the case that “all new” doesn’t have to mean “very different.” The 2019 version of Lexus’ pantry-staple executive sedan offers one surprise — its sleeker, bolder, and mildly polarizing design —

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