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The Lexus Ethos

Cargazing By Derek Price There’s something to be said for predictability, and the 2024 Lexus NX says it loudly. If you’ve owned a Lexus or know anything about the brand, the NX delivers exactly what’s expected: a buttery driving feel,

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Old-School Grunt

Cargazing By Derek Price Luxury cars tend to boast cutting-edge technology, but the one I’m sampling this week is intentionally old-fashioned in the most important place: under its hood. At a time when even the fastest sports sedans have eschewed

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RX Still Intact

Cargazing By Derek Price Every time Lexus uses the words “completely redesigned” regarding the RX crossover, I get nervous. I’m worried they’re going to wreck it. The things that made the RX wildly popular from the beginning are actually pretty

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