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Efficiency and Opulence

Cargazing By Derek Price It’s interesting that in full-size luxury cars, a segment known for excess, Lexus’ most expensive and sophisticated model is the one that cuts back. I just spent a week driving the LS 500h, the hybrid version

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Two Roles in One

Cargazing By Derek Price If you struggle to choose between buying a luxury car and an off-road SUV, the Lexus GX asks, “Why not both?” The GX straddles the wide gap between smooth, sophisticated comfort and brutish, rugged 4×4 SUV

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Subtle Tweaks Add Up

Cargazing By Derek Price Since it was introduced in 1989, Lexus’ flagship LS sedan has been described in a lot of ways. Silent, smooth, comfortable and solid are prominent on that list. But deceptively fast? That’s a new descriptor. Three

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