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A Thorough Update

Cargazing By Derek Price Volkswagen is an expert at making crisp, firm, fun-to-drive cars that feel like they’re built to blast down the autobahn without costing a fortune. When does that philosophy not make sense? When you’re driving a three-row

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VW’s First EV Sets Tone

Cargazing By Derek Price When one of the world’s biggest car companies decides to build its first electric car from the ground up, the result can be telling. In the case of Volkswagen’s ID.4, its first clean-sheet EV design that

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Sports-Sedan Bargain

Cargazing By Derek Price If you want to drive the cheapest base model of the most iconic German sports sedan, the BMW 3 Series, it will set you back more than $42,000 this year. That’s before you add any of

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