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Expedition Can Do It All

Cargazing By Derek Price There’s a reason full-size, truck-based SUVs remain relevant in a world saturated with more fuel-efficient crossovers. It’s all about what they can do. A week behind the wheel of the beefy Ford Expedition reminds me just

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Spunky, Packed With Value

Cargazing By Derek Price One strange side effect of this year’s pandemic is its impact on used-car prices. If you haven’t looked lately, they’re through the roof. That makes new cars like this — the small Hyundai Kona crossover that

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Hyundai Rethinks Sedan

Cargazing By Derek Price How many times have you seen this happen? The traffic light turns green, but a clueless driver is too busy staring at their phone to realize it. A lot of frustration — along with honks and

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