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Cadenza’s Swan Song

Cargazing By Derek Price It’s a shame seeing good cars tossed to the wayside, but that’s what’s happening to the Kia Cadenza. A 2020 Cadenza appeared in my driveway this week for a review, which is mysterious for two reasons.

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All-New Sorento Impresses

Cargazing By Derek Price Since its launch in 2002, the Sorento has grown into one of Kia’s most important vehicles, selling 1.5 million copies in less than 20 years. That means designers had a serious mandate when creating an all-new

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X5 Amped Up

Cargazing By Derek Price Drivers who don’t want to sacrifice anything — including eco-friendly credibility — have a new option in the BMW X5 lineup. The X5 has long been an automotive Swiss Army knife, trying to competently do more

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