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Titan raises warranty bar

Cargazing By Derek Price Nissan is trying to shake up the truck world with its newly redesigned Titan pickup line this year, and now it’s taking an even bolder step by making its warranty the longest in the industry. The

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Sentra Gets Fresh Look

Cargazing By Derek Price Nissan is calling 2016 “the year of the sedan,” an interesting choice of words for a period in which low gas prices are making truck and SUV sales skyrocket. No matter. After introducing an all-new Maxima

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Nissan has ‘right size’ contender

Cargazing By Derek Price To hear Nissan describe their latest and greatest pickup, the Titan XD, you’d think it’s the Goldilocks of trucks: nothing less and nothing more than you need. That comes in sharp contrast to the gorilla-like chest

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