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New Mazda3 Impresses

Cargazing By Derek Price If I made a checklist of what every car company should do to boost their sedan sales at a time of crossover-vehicle mania, it would look something like this: “Give it a gorgeous cabin covered in

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CX-9 Adds Features

Cargazing By Derek Price Even without big trucks in its lineup, Mazda’s 2018 sales numbers offer a snapshot of how America’s “car” industry is no longer about cars. The final tally is in, and Mazda’s line of cars — the

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CX-3 is Practically Perfect

Cargazing By Derek Price Competition in the small crossover space is so hot right now that vehicles have to be like Mary Poppins to sell: practically perfect in every way. The Mazda CX-3 has been Mary Poppins since it was

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