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Charger Roars Ahead

Cargazing By Derek Price At a time when trucks and SUVs are storming to sales records, Dodge’s muscle cars seem to be an anomaly. Not only are they different from most passenger cars — designed more for nostalgic Detroit style

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German-Style Speed

Cargazing By Derek Price When an SUV’s starting price is around $63,000, it’s hard to think of it as a bargain. One thought when driving this one, though, makes it feel like a steal. “It reminds me of a Porsche

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Durango Offers Differences

Cargazing By Derek Price If you want to find another vehicle like the Dodge Durango, good luck. Yes, it’s a three-row SUV, but it’s nothing like, say, the Ford Explorer or Honda Pilot. That’s like assuming, because they both have

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