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Full-size American luxury

By Derek Price Automotive Writer Chrysler’s big, bad 300 sedan has long looked like it was styled by Al Capone. This year’s version of it keeps that old-school gangster vibe — the upright grille, the sinister roofline, the giant trunk

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Chrysler 200 sets new direction

By Derek Price Automotive Writer It’s hard to overstate how much this car, the all-new 200, means for the Chrysler brand. Not only does it have to replace the bad memories of rental-car mediocrity that so many drivers experienced in

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300 big in every way

By Derek Price Automotive Writer American luxury cars have traditionally been designed to deliver three things: big size, big power and big style. While Cadillac and Lincoln have been making smaller, sportier and more European-feeling cars in recent years, Chrysler

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