About Us

Derek Price has written weekly new-car reviews since 2001.

About Us

Cargazing provides automotive content — both editorial reviews and a library of P.R. materials — to newspapers of all sizes across the United States. Cargazing lets papers download the content they need, 24 hours a day, on demand, to fill their auto sections with stories and photos that can be paired with dealer advertising.

Run by Derek Price, an automotive journalist and entrepreneur, the Cargazing service fills a need for custom automotive content with a fast turnaround time. The editorial reviews are uploaded every Monday, featuring the latest cars, trucks and SUVs from both domestic and foreign manufacturers.

In addition, Cargazing provides a library of ready-to-print P.R. content on dozens of new vehicles. The library is constantly updated as our customers request vehicles to be featured. That means advertisers can profile any vehicle they want, and we’ll provide the content to meet your needs within two days (and usually sooner).

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