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Emblematic of Combustion

Cargazing By Derek Price The Dodge Challenger Hellcat has always traded on nostalgia. Its retro-themed bodywork, pre-fuel-embargo gas mileage and rip-roaring, American V8 engine are as close to a 1970s dream car as anything for sale today. It’s feeling a

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World’s Fastest Sedan

Cargazing By Derek Price Apparently 707 horsepower wasn’t enough. Dodge is pushing the limits of performance, and perhaps sanity, with its newest, high-speed version of the four-door Charger family car. The Hellcat, priced at roughly $70,000, adds an additional 10

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Challenger Roars Into 2020

Cargazing By Derek Price Dodge is serious about building cars for home-brew drag racers. For proof, look at the Challenger lineup. Not only is this two-door, retro-styled muscle car available in pricey, high-horsepower versions designed to go fast straight from

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