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Electric for Life

Cargazing By Derek Price I was determined to give the Hyundai Ioniq 5 the toughest real-world test I’d ever done in an electric car. With my cousin in town for the weekend, I’d lined up a whole series of events

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Like Nothing Else

Cargazing By Derek Price Take a quick look at the Hyundai Santa Cruz, and one thing is clear: this isn’t an ordinary truck. Designed to fill the gaping chasm between pickups and family cars, the Santa Cruz is one of

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Hyundai Adds a Hybrid

Cargazing By Derek Price Hyundai is upping the appeal of its Santa Fe crossover with an all-new hybrid powertrain this year. It’s an alluring option for people who want good gas mileage along with bang-for-the-buck value. My tester, a loaded

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