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An Unusual Mix

Cargazing By Derek Price For drivers who want an odd-duck mixture of sporty handling and off-pavement capability, Audi offers an odd-duck vehicle: the A4 allroad. Based loosely on the A4, the allroad inherits some of the sleek, oh-so-contemporary styling, flashy

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Living in the Moment

Cargazing By Derek Price Timeless or trendy? That’s the question I’m asking myself from behind the wheel of the Audi S5, a sleek sports coupe that’s been totally redesigned for 2018. On the one hand, this car is a monument

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Power to turn heads

By Derek Price Automotive Writer There are plenty of ways to make cars grab your attention. Spinner wheels, lime-green paint jobs and racing stripes come to mind. But few cars turn heads as tastefully as this one, the gorgeously styled

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