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Chrysler Moves Pacifica Upscale

Cargazing By Derek Price Chrysler continues to raise the bar for what increasingly looks like the brand’s only relevant product: the Pacifica minivan. While you can get a less expensive, decontented Chrysler van called the Voyager, along with the powerful

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Pacifica Checks Logical Boxes

Cargazing By Derek Price Given America’s insatiable appetite for large vehicles — with pickups, SUVs and crossovers dominating sales — it’s surprising that the most logical big vehicle of all isn’t more popular. Overall minivan sales dropped again last year

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A Budgetary No-Brainer

Cargazing By Derek Price It’s hard to imagine a better family vehicle than this one, the Chrysler Pacifica minivan. While minivans have fallen out of fashion in recent years, largely replaced by rugged-looking CUVs and SUVs on America’s highways, there’s

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