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Ford vs. Ferrari, Again

Cargazing By Derek Price While Americans are still pulling the shiny cellophane wrapper off 2024, car companies are already looking ahead to what’s next. In Ford’s case, that means unveiling a new iteration of the timeless Mustang, and fortunately not

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Raptor R Shakes the Earth

Cargazing By Derek Price Before this year, Ford’s F-150 Raptor was already the exotic supercar of the pickup world. Flashy, fast and pricey, the Raptor is what I imagine Ferrari or McLaren would build if they wanted to create a

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A Great Truck You Can’t Buy

Cargazing By Derek Price When you close your eyes and imagine a hybrid vehicle that gets 40 miles per gallon in the city, what comes to mind? Probably not a pickup. The Ford Maverick is changing that, though, by not

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