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Decidedly Different

Cargazing By Derek Price It’s no secret that sedan sales are struggling in the United States. Like most brands these days, the hottest seller for Volkswagen is a crossover, not a car. VW is selling so many Tiguans and Atlases

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Tiguan Refreshed for 2022

Cargazing By Derek Price It’s interesting that Volkswagen’s best-selling vehicle is this one. The Tiguan is a crossover, the most bland, derivative, cookie-cutter style of vehicle sold today — and also the most popular with buyers. VW, though, has spent

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A Smaller Tiguan

Cargazing By Derek Price You could say the all-new Volkswagen Taos is just a smaller version of the Tiguan, and you’d be right. For a vehicle that’s completely fresh, including a new name, the 2022 Taos feels extremely familiar. Everything

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