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A New ‘Apex Predator’

Cargazing By Derek Price Ram calls its new Hellcat-powered TRX pickup the “apex predator of the truck world.” The reference is a thinly veiled attack on what has long reigned as the king of performance trucks, the Ford F-150 Raptor,

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Tough and Refined

Cargazing By Derek Price Anyone who’s driven a new pickup in the past 12 months can tell you this: we’re living in a golden age of trucks. While electric and self-driving cars generate the most intrigue, pickups are selling in

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Ram Hauls In Awards

Cargazing By Derek Price I can’t recall any vehicle at any price that’s raked in awards faster than this one, the new Ram 1500 pickup. Since it was introduced over a year ago as a 2019 model, the half-ton Ram

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