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Stealthy EV Luxury

Cargazing By Derek Price Genesis makes a car called the G80, and there’s also a battery-powered version of it. There. You already know more than 95 percent of Americans about this car. You’re welcome. To understand the bigger picture, Genesis

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G90 Aims for the Top

Cargazing By Derek Price I used to think that if I ever achieved wild financial success, I’d write a check for a Mercedes-Benz S-Class so I could waft over the road in sumptuous, silent, supple luxury. This year, my fantasy

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Sporty Sophistication

Cargazing By Derek Price The Genesis G80 may be the best luxury car bargain in the world at the moment. Priced from $48,250 — roughly the average transaction price for all new vehicles in the United States during this inflation-ravaged

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