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Go-Anywhere Confidence

Cargazing By Derek Price There are some lessons that can’t be learned in the local Miata club. Among them: When the temperature drops into the single digits, make sure you use an engine block heater and fuel additive if you’re

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New Cherokee Flavor

Cargazing By Derek Price Jeep has added a new trim level to the Cherokee that aims to satisfy bang-for-the-buck shoppers: the Latitude LUX. Priced at $30,145, roughly in the middle of the lineup, this new trim combines some of the

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Wrangler Adds a Diesel

Cargazing By Derek Price The first time I filled up this Jeep Wrangler with fuel, I had to double- and triple-check that I was using the right pump. “Yep, green handle. Definitely diesel,” I thought. And it felt so wrong,

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