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Luxury Feel, Long Range

Cargazing By Derek Price After years of anticipation, electric car sales are finally starting to explode this year. A big reason for that is because a slew of new cars like this, the Kia EV6, are hitting the market after

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Emblematic of Combustion

Cargazing By Derek Price The Dodge Challenger Hellcat has always traded on nostalgia. Its retro-themed bodywork, pre-fuel-embargo gas mileage and rip-roaring, American V8 engine are as close to a 1970s dream car as anything for sale today. It’s feeling a

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EV Price Drop

Cargazing By Derek Price For better or worse, one of the many impacts Tesla has had on the electric car market is positioning them as luxury items. “Aren’t electric cars $80,000?” my mom asked this weekend after hearing I was

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