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i3 walks on wild side

Cargazing By Derek Price This car may have four wheels and some seats, but it doesn’t share much else with your run-of-the-mill vehicles. It’s called the BMW i3, and it’s one of the strangest cars I’ve ever driven. Even before

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Basic BMW a fine ride

By Derek Price Automotive Writer The 2-Series may be BMW’s entry-level model this year, but don’t let that fool you. It doesn’t drive anything like an entry-level car. Granted, with a starting price of $32,100 — and escalating quickly when

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Four doors with fun

By Derek Price Automotive Writer Mini is walking an extremely narrow tightrope with this car, the new four-door version of its timeless Cooper. It’s got to add enough space and practicality to make it more appealing than its two-door sibling,

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